Clinical Chemistry Quiz No. 4

10 Short answer questions

This Quiz covers the following titles:

  • Important concepts and definitions in clinical chemistry methodologies (Part 1)

1- What is the relationship between A and %T? Why do we measure A units instead of %T?

2- What are each of the variables in Beers law?

3- What are the components of a spectrophotometer? What is a monochrometer and diode array?

4- What are bandpass and stray light? Why can’t we typically use Absorbance measurements above 1.0?

5- If a 100 mg/dL solution of compound X has an A340 of 0.25, what is the concentration of compound X in a solution with an A340 of 0.75?

6- By CAP, how are spectrophotometer wavelength and absorbance accuracy checked?

7- Describe the principle, major instrumentation components (may be helpful to draw) for:


8- Atomic absorption

9- Atomic emission

10- Fluorimeter