Dr Mohammad Moharram

Prof. Dr. Tamer Soliman


  1. Dr Abeer Mohammed Abdul-Mohymen , MD , Ph.D., Lecturer of Clinical Pathology/Hematology, Al-Azhar University.

  2. Dr Ahmed Adel, Clinical Pathologist , ARE.

  3. Dr Ahmed Saed Anwar Amer, Clinical Pathologist , ARE.

  4. Dr Amira Abd El-Fattah Abd El-Ati, MD , Clinical Pathology Specialist , King Khaled Hospital Najran , KSA.

  5. Dr Azza Abou Alam, Consulltant haematopathologist .

  6. Dr Eman Ramadan Arida , EFCP , Clinical Pathology Consultant, A.R.E.

  7. Dr Eslam Ahmed Helal , MD in clinical pathology, Clinical Pathology Specialist.

  8. Dr Fathia Fathy,,MD., Prof Dip (Health Qul; Accreditation) - Point of care specialist certificate AACC - Consultant clinical pathology - Laboratory medical director - King Fahad General Hospital / Jeddah

  9. Dr Galal Ahmed Bashanfer, Jordanian Board , Arab board of histopathology, Histopathology consultant, Histopathology section head, King Khaled Hospital, Najran, KSA.

  10. Dr Ghada M Balah, Clinical Pathology specialist, King Khaled Hospital, Najran, KSA.

  11. Dr Heba Abdulhamid, MD, Clinical Pathology Specialist, King Khaled Hospital, Al-Kharj, KSA.

  12. Prof. Dr Hoda Hagras, MD , PhD , FCAP, FASCP, FAACC , Assistant Professor of Clinical Pathology, Medical director of clinical chemistry and immunology laboratories. University of Arkansas for medical science, Arkansas Children Hospital.

  13. Prof. Dr Iman Aly Ahmedy , MD, PhD., Assistant professor of hematology / Clinical Pathology, A.R.E.

  14. Dr Islam Mekawy, Master of clinical and chemical pathology, Clinical Pathology Specialist.

  15. Prof. Dr. Karim Yahia Shaheen, MD, PhD, Professor of Clinical and chemical Pathology , Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, A.R.E.

  16. Dr Khalid Mosaad Abdelfattah Morgan, Clinical Pathology Resident, A.R.E.

  17. Dr Mohammed Elkady, EFCPath, Clinical Pathology consultant , KSA

  18. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hanafy Morsy , MBBch, MSc, MD, PhD. Consultant Clinical pathologist, Associate Professor; Faculty of Medicine , Al-Azhar University .

  19. Dr. Mohamed A. Shahen, MD clinical pathology , Ph.D. clinical pathology, Infection control Diploma, Hospital Management Diploma , Lecturer of Clinical Pathology/Hematology, Faculty of Medicine , Al-Azhar University. / Facebook / Youtube

  20. Dr Mohammad Aly Moharram , MD. , EFCP . , Clinical Pathology Consultant , Medical Director of laboratory and Blood Bank, King Khaled Hospital Najran , K.S.A. / Facebook / Twitter .

  21. Dr Mohammed Salmeen Bazqamah , MD, Msc CPATH, ASCPiMLS, IFCAP , Microbiology section head, King Khaled Hospital Najran , KSA.

  22. Dr Mohamed Samir Desoki, Master of Transfusion Medicine (EMTACT), Autumn de Barcelona university, Spain. Master of Clinical & Chemical Pathology, Tanta University, Egypt. Transfusion Medicine Assistant Consultant.

  23. Dr Monier Quot Eissa, Ph.D. Histopathology (France), Histopathology consultant, King Khaled Hospital-Najran, KSA.

  24. Prof. Dr. Noha Hassan ibrahim , MD, Ph.D of clinical pathology , Assistant professor of clinical pathology NCI , Egypt.

  25. Prof. Dr. Sally Mohamed saber, MD, PhD of Clinical Pathology, Professor of clinical pathology/Microbiology, Consultant of infection control, Faculty of medicine , Ain shams university

  26. Dr Shehab Sharaf Al-Hammadi, JBP, ABP, EUBP, FRCPath, HistoPathology Consultant, Director of laboratory and blood bank, King Khaled Hospital Najran , KSA.

  27. Dr Shimaa Gaber Saad , Clinical Pathology Resident, A.R.E.

  28. Dr Tamer Soliman , M.D. , Ph.D. , Associate Professor of Clinical Pathology , Sohag Faculty of Medicine , A.R.E.

  29. Dr Tarek Mesbah Fahmy Mohammed, Clinical Pathology Specialist, Captain Doctor at Ministry of Interior , A.R.E.