Terms of Agreements


1- Don't Use materials of this atlas in anywhere else. Using materials in this atlas in anywhere else is considered illegal action. Giving us the right to take necessary legal response.

2- Don't send us any material that you don't have its copyrights.

3- Don't send materials owned by third party. Pictures, cases, videos or questions from other atlas, books or other source will not be accepted and the participant will be blocked (Banned) and all his participation will be deleted.

4- Don't send cases without pictures. No case will be accepted without pictures or photos.

5- Don't send photos of bad resolution or bad quality. Pictures of low resolution or not clear will not be accepted.

6- Don't send video links to video library that is not created by you. The video must be uploaded to your channel. Video(s) you send to video atlas is your own video that belong exclusively to you. Only YouTube links of the videos are accepted. They must be from your own YouTube Channel.

It's your right:

1- It is your right to put watermark for your own cases, but not hiding essential data (optional).

2-It is your right to take your agreement before sending your material"s" to a third party. Cases / Photos / graphs will not be sent to third party unless permission taken from the owner.

3- It is your right to complain for your copyrights. Feel free to contact us if you thinks that materials used here belong to you and it is used without your permission. You can send your complain through (ECP Atlas Feedback) or send your complain to the atlas admin through e-mail (ecpatlaseditor@gmail.com).

4- It is your right to request removal or modification of your case (or any published item) from the atlas after it is published. Go through the same link you published the case through or send an email to ecpatlaseditor@gmail.com . You must send the mail from the same mail you mentioned in participation form. (i.e if you mentioned in the participation form that your mail is 1234@5678.com you must send the modification or removal request using 1234@5678.com

It's our right:

1- A watermark will be applied to all pictures in the upper left corner (or upper right to avoid data hiding) containing a logo for the term “EGYPTIAN CLINICAL PATHOLOGY ATLAS” and/or admin e-mail (ecpatlaseditor@gmail.com).

2- It is our right to reject materials of commercial purposes or some kind of advertisements.

3- If this is upgraded to another website , the same material here will be used. No other permissions will be asked in case of upgrade.

4- We may not accepted repeated titles if repeated too many times. Unless it adds new information or the case is interesting.

5- It is our right to revise materials before upload.

6- It is our right to delete all materials and ban (block) the participant if he/she send materials that belong to a third party without written permission.