Clinical Chemistry Answers for Quiz No. 4

Question 8 answer

By Prof .Dr. Hoda Hagras


8- Atomic absorption

o Measures absorption of defined wavelength of light by ground-state atoms. Atoms absorb light and make transitions to higher energy levels. Measure the light ABSORBED

· In the flam atomic absorption, the patient specimen is vaporized into an acetylene flame and is dispersed into the light path (thermal atomization).

· The flameless atomic absorption requires an instrument modification that uses an electric furnace to break chemical bonds (electrothermal atomization).

· A hollow-cathode lamp containing one given metal, when excited it emits a light wavelength unique for this metal.

· Metal atoms in the ground state from patient specimen absorb the light energy from the cathode tube.

· Atomic Absorption is only suited for metallic substances that are not destroyed by the flame - Everything else gets “fried” for example copper