Bacteriology Case 1

Presented By Dr Amira Abd El-Fattah Abd El-Ati

Released on 01-05-2019

Patient Data

54 year old male

Clinical Data

Admitted for Cardiac surgery 10 days ago.

Cardiac Surgery performed 7 days ago.

Fever developed 5 days ago resistant to classic antipyretics.

Related Laboratory Results

Blood culture was requested.

Blood Culture was positive (Bactec System)

Isolation and subculture was performed as shown.

Provisional Diagnosis


Case Picture(s) / Photo(s)

Mac-Conkey’s agar

Gram Stain of culture colonies

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Comment / Findings

MacConkey's agar plate showed lactose fermenting colonies.

Gram stain : Gram Negative Baccilli

Biochemical identification (By Pheonix 100) : Escherichia coli

Sensitivity: See report below

Final Diagnosis

Hospital Acquired E-Coli Infection (bacteriemia)

Additional Note

Identification and sensitivity report