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Levi Jenning Chart

By Dr Mohammad Moharram1/8/2020


  • Levi Jenning chart is one of the most important quality tools in the medical laboratories. It is installed in most automated analyzers. Some analyzers don't have L.J. chart. Sometimes the built in L.J. chart doesn't work if you don't use the analyzer specific control. Some built in L.J. chart use only the assigned company mean and standered Deviation. That is why you must have your own L.J. chart. I tried to make an excel sheet for L.J. chart that will be helpful as a quality tool. I considered the required quality data by most accreditation organizations.

  • Instructions:

  1. Please, First download the form to your PC.

  2. Use only the yellow fields.

  3. Many white fields contain formulas. Overwriting , modifying or deleting a white field may damage formula(s).

  4. Use first the assigned (company) mean and SD. Then in the next cycle, paste the calculated mean and SD to the actual mean and SD to use your own values.

  5. It is not difficult to break the password protection of the form. But once broken, Some formulas are affected.

Levi Jenning Excel sheet form

Read instructions below before using the form
L J Chart.xlsx