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Linearity Check Form (Excel Sheet)

By Dr Mohammad Moharram4/1/2021 UPDATED 11/1/2022
  • Hint:

It is required by many accreditation organizations to check an analyzer linearity. 2 samples are required; the first one is close to the lowest measurement range of the analyzer, The second is close to the highest measurement range of the analyzer. Using calibrated pipet; make different concentrations as mentioned in the procedure "in the form". Measure the all prepared concentrations. Record all data in the form.

  • Indications:

  1. At new instrument instillation.

  2. After changing major piece of the analyzer.

  3. After instrument transportation.

  4. Unexplained error of measurements.

  5. On regular basis as requested by some accreditation organization.

  6. Other indication by facility policy or accreditation standards.

  • Instructions for use:

  1. Please, First download the form to your PC.

  2. Use only the yellow fields.

  3. Many white fields contain formulas. Overwriting , modifying or deleting a white field may damage formula(s).

  4. Specimens and procedure are mentioned in the form.

  5. It is not difficult to break the password protection of the form. But once broken, Some formulas are permanently damaged.

Linearity Check.xlsx
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