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Complex Precision Excel Sheet Form

By Dr Mohammad Moharram29/9/2020
  • Hint:

Testing instrument precision is used to validate an analyzer. It is required by many accreditation organizations. Precision test is either simple or complex precision. Complex precision protocol here use single sample for 20 replicate in one day then repeat the process for 5 consecutive days.

  • Indications:
  1. At new instrument instillation.
  2. If failed simple precision
  3. After changing major piece of the analyzer.
  4. After instrument transportation.
  5. Other indication by facility policy or accreditation standards.

N.B. Most accreditation societies does not request complex precision on routine basis.

  • Instructions:
  1. Please, First download the form to your PC.
  2. Use only the yellow fields.
  3. Many white fields contain formulas. Overwriting , modifying or deleting a white field may damage formula(s).
  4. Specimens and procedure are mentioned in the form.
  5. It is not difficult to break the password protection of the form. But once broken, Some formulas are affected.

Complex Precision Excel Sheet Form

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