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Carry-over test

By Dr Mohammad Moharram6/8/2020
  • Hint:

It is very important to know if your analyzer has carry-over that affect results or not. It is one of the important quality tools in the medical laboratories. Many accreditation organizations require carry-over test as a tool of instrument validation or verification. This form can cover the carry-over standard for more of accreditation organizations.

  • Indications For carry-over test:
  1. At machine instillation
  2. Every 6 months
  3. After major error fixation or main piece change of the analyzer
  4. After analyzer transportation
  5. Unexplained control or patient results errors
  6. Other indications by accreditation organization or facility policy
  • Instructions:
  1. Please, First download the form to your PC.
  2. Use only the yellow fields.
  3. Many white fields contain formulas. Overwriting , modifying or deleting a white field may damage formula(s).
  4. Specimens and procedure are mentioned in the form.
  5. It is not difficult to break the password protection of the form. But once broken, Some formulas are affected.

Carry-over Excel Sheet Form

Read instructions below before using the form